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Do you sleep well? Sleep is one of the primary factors affecting how you feel and perform each day – and throughout your lifetime.

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If you slept well last night...

  • Your neurocognitive system was able to repair and replenish itself, consolidating new knowledge and skills, carefully storing and conserving memory, and creating neural space for new ideas and creative function. 

  • Your invaluable cardiovascular, muscular, digestive, and hormonal systems completed the crucial repairs and rejuvenations required for daily activity and lifelong health. 

  • You are less likely to get in a car accident on the drive home from work today. You are more likely to engage in positive, productive relationships with colleagues, clients, friends, and family members. 

In addition, if you slept well last night, and continue to sleep well, you are less vulnerable to disease, depression, anxiety and weight issues.

Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t sleeping well for a myriad of reasons. Stress at work, bad sleep hygiene, bad sleep environment, advanced or delayed circadian rhythm, jet lag or more serious sleep disorders. 

Two top sleep medicine physicians from Baylor University and Stanford university witnessed thousands of patients have dramatic improvements in their sleep by following a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program. 

CBT relies on simple, effective methods that help you permanently change the way you think about sleep.

Think small, achievable, targeted steps and goals with little rewards along the way to keep you motivated. Their only frustration? Not being able to help more people desperate to get restful and restorative sleep. 

As a result, the two sleep doctors designed a web-based sleep health program called SleepPrime. It took 18 months to develop and is designed to help people with an array of sleep issues.  


The program starts with a 10-minute clinically-focused screener. SleepPrime provides a detailed report and a personalized action plan for better sleep health. The platform focuses on three key areas:

  • Sleep Habits - Swap out bad snooze habits for fun, research-proven techniques that lead to powerful, restorative sleepy time.

  • Sleep Education - Banish harmful sleep myths that prevent you from becoming an expert in bed. Upgrading your sleeping skill set with the newest research helps you sleep smarter, longer, and better.

  • Sleep Environment - Transform your bedroom into the softest, coziest, dreamiest sleep wonderland with simple, inexpensive ideas.

SleepPrime is free to use. Visit for more information. For more on achieving better sleep, please see the articles listed below.

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