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CPAP therapy, which stand for continuous positive airway pressure, is the most commonly used treatment for individuals suffering from sleep apnea. Yet, there are other treatment options and your doctor will determine the best approach, based on your condition.

In the United States, CPAP equipment must be approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and is only available when prescribed by your doctor. These breathing therapy machines can be life-saving therapy for people who suffer from sleep apnea.

CPAP equipment features three essential components: the machine itself, a facial mask that delivers a steady stream of air flow to your nose, mouth, or both, and durable tubing that connects the two.

To learn more information about options before you buy, visit this site's informational page on CPAP Machines, as well as CPAP Face Masks.

About Sleep Apnea

Loud snoring, gasping, and/or snorting during sleep can indicate sleep apnea, which is a potentially life-threatening condition that affects approximately five percent of the population.

People with sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly while sleeping. Though, they may not remember waking up in the middle of the night, sleep is disrupted causing daytime drowsiness, physical and emotional fatigue, and other sleep-deprivation issues that compromise wellness.

If left untreated, sleep apnea can cause heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure, and other dangerous health concerns. So, if you suspect sleep apnea, see your doctor right away.

Your doctor will likely document your medical history, conduct a comprehensive exam, and refer you to a sleep diagnostic lab for an overnight sleep study. He or she may also seek input from your bed partner about your symptoms. The results will help your doctor confirm a diagnosis and identify the best treatment.

CPAP or breathing therapy is the most frequently prescribed treatment for people who are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea.

When you are ready to purchase CPAP equipment, your doctor will discuss your options, prescribe and advise you which type of masks and machines are best suited to your needs. In addition to the actual equipment, you can buy CPAP cleaners, accessories, special pillows, and other sleep-related items to help you sleep better.

To learn more about sleep apnea symptoms, health effects and treatment protocols before you get your cpap equipment, click here.

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