Aromatherapy Benefits

Relaxation and Sleep are Aromatherapy Benefits

aromatherapy benefits

The art of aromatherapy involves healing both your body and mind by using your sense of smell. Aromatherapy's relaxation benefits come from the use of pure essential oils, which are purported to improve mood, ease anxiety, and soothe tense muscles.

Aromatherapy has been used through the years to relieve depression, aid restful sleep, alleviate pain, and energize and rejuvenate. Some specific essential oils are even used to help with health concerns related to digestion, skin problems, congestion, asthma, and more.

Many different cultures around the world have used aromatherapy through history for healing and wellness purposes. The specially blended, scented oils have been used in a variety of different ways. These include adding the oil to bath water, mixing it with a neutral 'carrier oil' (such as almond oil) for a massage, or pouring it in a small bowl and gently inhaling the scent. 

Whichever method you choose, the properties of the essential oils are purported to pass into your bloodstream and then go to work calming your brain and nervous system. You'll find a more complete explanation of how aromatherapy works by clicking here.

Aromatherapy is thought to produce positive results in the form of an enhanced state of calm and well-being. Yet, for some people, the essential oils may negatively impact existing health conditions or medications. Therefore, it is important to always check with your doctor before you start aromatherapy to help ensure there will be no expected interaction.

Each aromatherapy essential oil has it's own properties and can be used in an application by itself or blended with other oils. For more about the properties of individual aromatherapy essential oils, please click here.

The wide variety of aromatherapy benefits, plus the fact that essential oils are relatively inexpensive and simple to use, attribute to aromatherapy's popularity. In addition, awareness has increased from media attention and a growing amount of reports published online and in print.

According to Marvin M. Lipman, M.D., Chief Medical Adviser for Consumer Reports magazine, There simply isn’t enough solid evidence to back up most of the health claims for essential oils.” Dr. Lipman advises not to trust any aromatherapy product that claims to treat a specific illness.

You may want to try aromatherapy and see if you derive positive benefits from the essential oils.

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