Sleep Disorders in Children

Sleep disorders in children are fairly common. Statistics show that a concerning two in ten children have experienced some type of sleep-related problem. Some of most frequent sleep problems that children experience include the following.

It's not just infants and younger children who suffer from sleep-related problems. There are stages in life when insomnia and other types of sleep disorders are more likely to occur - and adolescence is one of them.

Although most teens need between 9 and 10 hours of sleep every night, research shows that 30% to 40% of them aren't getting adequate sleep. Moreover, a survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that 16% of the adolescents felt like they may be suffering from a sleep disorder.

The effects of sleep issues with kids and teens are wide ranging and similar symptoms of sleep deprived adults. Yet in addition to poor concentration and memory, slow reaction times, and an unstable emotional state, lack of sleep can have greater ramifications on children.

Poor concentration and memory problems lead to learning difficulties and inferior academic performance. Over an extended period of time, sleep deprivation can impact grade advancement, graduation timing, college potential, and even career options.

The emotional highs and lows that are an integral part of adolescence are heightened when a teen is experiencing sleep problems.

A survey of children aged 4 to 16 found that the those who had difficulty sleeping experienced more aggression, depression, and anxiety than peers who got adequate sleep.

Even more concerning, researchers are finding that sleep disorders are common among people who commit, or attempt to commit, suicide. A Swedish study of adults who attempted suicide found that 89% complained of experiencing sleep problems on a regular basis.

With the health and safety implications posed by sleep disorders in children and teens, parents must closely monitor the sleep habits of their kids and establish good sleep habits early on.

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