Futon Mattress Buying Tips

Adding a futon mattress and sofa frame to a guest room or den is a great way to change up the look and feel of your space, while providing a comfortable place for guests to sleep. Futon beds are inexpensive, attractive and provide good support for a restful night's sleep.

Futon frames come in a a variety of styles, including woods and metals, and can match almost any decor. The mattresses are constructed with cotton, wool or foam "fill" and are available in different sizes. They come with attractive, durable mattress covers in a full array of colors and patterns.

Before making a futon purchase, you should know the dimensions of your futon frame. Measure the inside of the frame lengthwise from arm to arm and then measure down the back of the sofa and across the seat to obtain minimum measurements for your new mattress.

Purchase Considerations

How do you want the futon to look? A solid mattress actually holds its shape better than one with springs. These types of mattresses also work better if the futon is being used mostly as a couch. Don't worry about color, because you can always purchase a cover later.

Thickness and size.
The frame of the futon makes a difference in this area. Thinner mattresses look better with thin frames. Wooden futons, though, tend to need thicker mattresses. The mattress should fit the frame: do not buy a queen-sized mattress for a full-sized frame. Not only will it not fit properly, it might be too large for the room.

The Three Cs: Cover, Color, Cost.

Your choices of fabric will range from cotton to microfiber. Some of these coverings may resist water while others may not.

Once you decide on a fabric, chose a color. You may pick a solid in practically any color, or you can pick something with a pattern. Finally, take a look at cost. This will vary depending on type of mattress and fabric, and a special color order may add to the expense.

Once your new futon mattress arrives, place it on the frame. Put the furniture in place, stand back, and feel good about your purchase. Your new mattress will be perfect for sleeping and for couch-sitting, and your family will have many hours of enjoyment from it.

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