Heated Mattress Pad: Buying Tips

Purchasing a heated mattress pad may sound like something that doesn’t take much thought, yet there are a number of things you should take into consideration. These coverings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. Some are waterproof. Others offer dual controls and timers. And, some are more comfortable than others.

A heated mattress pad may be beneficial if you suffer from stiffness and aching muscles. The heated pad just feels good, too, if you like a warm bed. Many people use a mattress pad to warm the bed initially and then turn it off when they are snuggled in the covers. Some pads come with an automatic timer that you may schedule for this purpose.

The pads are designed to cover the entire mattress and are placed beneath the bottom sheet. It is unnoticeable except when changing the linen.

Heated Mattress Pad versus Blanket

Heated covers have some advantages over an electric blanket. For one, the newer waterproof versions are terrific if you have spills or accidents, including problems from pets sleeping on the bed with you.

Heated mattress coverings also keep the warmth around your body better than a blanket. The pad will be more energy efficient than a blanket because the blanket allows much of the heat to flow towards the ceiling, while the pad sends that energy up into your body.

Decor may be another reason to choose one of these pads over a blanket. With a pad, you can use any kind of blanket, bedspread, or other covering that you want. Also, some people do not like the weight of a blanket. This is not an issue with a heated mattress covering.

Purchase Considerations

To be sure you are making the best purchase for your money, consider these criteria prior to purchase:

Safety. This should be your number one concern. Your electric mattress covering should specifically state on the label or packaging that it conforms to UL964 standards, which are safety regulations for electric bedding in the United States.

Some manufacturers are offering non-hazardous DC voltage on this bedding, so be sure to read the labels carefully. Heated bedding is not safe for everyone and may not be appropriate for older adults, children or those with health concerns. Check with your doctor if you have questions.

Quality. The warranty information will help you determine if your mattress pad is well made. A good heated mattress covering should have a reasonable care warranty of at least 5 years. You should check the type of material in the pad. The covering fabric should not shed, pick or pill easily.

You may wish to opt for a higher thread count for greater quality. The pad should not be stiff, and the wiring should be flexible and comfortable. Preferably the wiring will not be noticeable when resting.

Ease of use. For some folks, especially those with disability concerns such as arthritis, the controllers may be difficult to adjust. Some mattress pad models come with knobs or push controls that may be easier to use than others. Other models may have small numbers that folks with poor vision may have trouble seeing.

Special features. Some models come with features such as automatic shut-off, timers, personal settings, and multiple heat levels. Most are machine washable, though check the label because you will find models that are dry clean only.

Fit. Be sure to buy the heated mattress pad that is right for your bed. The pads come in twin, double, queen, and king. Also, some come with elastic bands on the corners while others are skirted. The size of your mattress may make a difference so be sure to take this into consideration.

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