RV Mattress Buying Tips

An RV mattress should feel as comfortable as your residential mattress because getting a good night’s rest is as important while you are traveling as it is when you are at home. You’ll know it’s time to replace your vehicle mattress if you feel pain or stiffness upon awaking or it begins to sag, soften, or creak.

When you are ready to purchase a new mattress for your RV, you’ll find a range of quality and types available for purchase.


Innerspring models are among the most common and are available with different coil counts and amounts of padding. Other mattress options include memory foam, air bed, and polypropylene foam construction.

Just like choosing a residential mattress, your RV bed should feel good and offer support. And the best way to ascertain what mattress works best for you is to try some out before you buy. Test each mattress by lying on your back and then turning on each side. Then, evaluate which feels good and offers the greatest support.

Comparing Residential- and RV-Sized Mattresses

Mattress Type
38" x 74"
34" x 74"
53" x 74"
49" x 74"
60" x 79"
60" x 74"

Safety Considerations

In addition to support and comfort, consider the safety of the mattress you are purchasing. According to the International Sleep Products Association, all mattresses must meet must meet two anti-flammability requirements (16 CFR – sections 1632 and 1633).

There are also considerations for mattresses used by children. Please visit the nonprofit organization’s website for more information on mattress regulations - www.sleepproducts.org.

Before you make your purchase, be sure to review the warranty and have a clear understanding of what it offers. Typically, there are conditions that are required for the warranty. Additionally, read the mattress care guidelines.

Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance will extend mattress life and comfort. Rotate your mattress regularly based on use - and flip it over occasionally if care instructions indicate to do so. This will help maintain its support and form.

Use of a mattress pad will help protect your mattress. Additionally, vacuuming periodically will keep it clean and smelling fresh. If you have a pillow-top mattress, pound it to keep the filler evenly dispersed. 

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