Sleep and Aging

sleep and aging

The assumption by many in the medical community that there is a correlation between sleep and aging is dispelled in a new research study published in a recent issue of the "Journal of Sleep and Sleep Disorders Research."

The following excerpt that appeared in the Roanoke Times (in Roanoke, Virginia - summarizes the findings. See below on where to find more in-depth information about the research and its implications.

Study Shows Sleep Does not Worsen with Age

The myth that your ability to sleep well worsens as you get older simply is not true, scientists argued in a new study.

While older people may experience more sleep disturbances than younger people, problems with achieving consistent, healthy rest are more often linked to illnesses and other health-related issues. They have little to do with aging, researchers found.

The study demonstrated that sleep quality tended to improve over one’s lifetime – except for an uptick in sleep problems reported in middle age, especially among women. In fact, people age 80 and older scored the highest on sleep quality relative to other age groups.

It is not clear why older people reported fewer sleep disturbances and tiredness, the authors said. It could be that older people have more control over sleep duration while younger people experience more stressors (jobs, kids, socializing) that interfere with sleep.

It's also possible that older people are just more accepting of sleep quality and don’t complain about it as much.

Learn More about the Research Findings

For more in-depth information about the scope and outcomes of this study on sleep and aging, please reference the full in March 1, 2012 issue of the "Journal of Sleep and Sleep Disorders Research."

The publication is published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 6301 Bandel Road, Suite 101, Rochester, MN 55901, and the Sleep Research Society. The website is

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