Sleep for Teens

by Anonymous
(Sleep Tips Forum Submission)

I battle with serious sleeping disorders. At times I never sleep. I mean ever. I could stay awake until eight then get on the bus and have someone hit me on the head with their binder to awaken me.

Just to say it's so annoying. I tend to sleep throughout school on and off. Terrible. I've tried the milk and honey that didn't really work for me since a little after that my taste-buds changed and I started not liking honey and I'm lactose intolerant... *Sp?*

I started to get terrible grades, I mean mostly 'F's and 'D's...... It got on my nerves well whatever ones weren't asleep, and on my parents nerves and teachers.

I also was always mean and grouchy. Well, who isn't? But I found out that some of it was stress, a tip- Stay away from drama. No matter how juicy the gossip is stay away. It'll just put so much pressure on you and keep you from enjoying school. Uh... Well, you've got to say it's not that bad!

Another one is once you're home from school do your homework then have a small ten-minute nap. If you have extra-curricular classes, take a break, a breather in other words. On the car ride there or if you walk just take a deep breath and sit for a few minutes.

Make sure when you want sleep turn off your lights. It annoys your brain. My opinion I'd rather have the sun as my alarm clock and it works.

Your room should be your escape. From a hard day of school work, maybe if your over the age of sixteen work, or just plain boredom, go to your room for a good nights sleep make sure your room is set to your liking temperature wise, depending on how warm you like it cotton sheets are heavy but cool on the skin. Soft but also depending on how heavy you like your sheets they're amazing. Silk is soft and doesn't keep in allergens like cotton... That's another thing, sneezing suddenly in your sleep falling off your bed hitting you head on the end table, and moaning because you just got disturbed by a sudden blast of air coming from your nose.

Sleep with a dim light, not a ceiling light, a night light just enough to make you feel comfortable. Not saying that you need one the safety of a night light just staring at the small light on the other side of your room can soothe you.

Aromathrapy. A nice smelling air freshener that could and or can be a cool scent like rain or a warm sent like cinnamon. To burning a candle or incense. But just don't burn it while your asleep. The smell will linger after you've extinguished the candle or incense.

Relax before going to bed. Don't come straight home from a dance at school and go straight to bed, too many memories and happy hyperness. Trust me.

Even if it's twelve *Normally they don't last that long......* Just sit in a comfortable chair or couch and read. Take your mind off of everything. You've had all night to think about it just calm down and relax.

Avoid caffeine. Even if you don't get hyper you still will get jitters or you'll be restless. Actually before I've tried all this stuff I tried caffeine before bed. It worked once. But I had a cup of coffee at six and another at seven then crashed...... But awoke at three something and couldn't get asleep......

The right diet. Too much sweets can ruin your sleep. A m small small desert after dinner and then a little tiny bit of exercise then relax do your homework, watch TV, listen to some nice music. Anything to relax. This will calm your body down and you'll feel a little better about laying down for a little while.

After doing these things I finally get sleep quite often. I'm not saying that you will definitely but it will hopefully help.

Wish you luck :)

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