Considering a Bamboo Pillow?

Pros and Cons of Using a Bamboo Pillow

Challenges with falling asleep and staying asleep can cause people to feel exhausted and fatigued – and make it more difficult to perform job duties and take care of daily tasks. While many sleep issues are a result of medical conditions, sometimes the culprit is much closer to home in the form of poor bedding, including pillows.

A simple action, such as changing the pillow you use, can result in improving sleep quality and getting rid of the problems associated with poor sleeping patterns.

An increasing number of people are considering and buying pillows made with bamboo and foam, as a potential solution to help counter sleeping problems. Consumer advertising campaigns by manufacturers and distributors have contributed to the increased awareness of this pillow type.

What is a Bamboo Sleeping Pillow?

A bamboo sleeping pillow is a pillow made  with a bamboo-based viscose outer shell and filled with shredded foam for superior comfort and great support. The bamboo viscose exhibits greater strength than other pillow fabric, while the shredded foam conforms to your shape as you sleep and results in an improved sleeping experience overall.


  • A pillow made with bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, therefore suitable for people who suffer from allergies.
  • Bamboo fiber is extremely light, delicate and breathable, which makes it an ideal choice for hot summer nights or warm climates.
  • The pillow has antimicrobial properties and helps to get rid of fungus, bacteria and other microorganisms resulting in a more comfortable sleeping experience.
  • The pillow's memory foam stuffing conforms to your head and neck shape to combat neck and upper back pain.
  • The pillow fabric absorbs moisture effectively and helps to neutralize unpleasant odors. This means your pillow will smell clean and fresh for longer periods of time.


  • New users have complained about the strong chemical smell that comes with new bamboo sleeping pillows. However, this smell often dissipates with use.
  • A pillow made with bamboo and foam may weigh a little more than regular pillows, which may require an adjustment period.
  • The pillow costs quite a bit more than regular options.
  • It requires a long drying period after washing to avoid a musty and fungal smell.

If you are having a difficult time falling asleep and if your sleep is characterized by tossing, turning without very much rest, it might be time to consider investing in a pillow made with bamboo. While this natural alternative to regular pillows does have a few disadvantages, the advantages far outweigh the cons, and can help address your sleeping problems.

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