Insomnia Test

Take the self-administered insomnia test below and
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Insomnia can creep up on you slowly... until feeling tired all the time seems like a natural state of being. Yet, you shouldn't have to feel perpetually exhausted. In addition, a lack of sleep over time compromises your overall wellbeing – physically and emotionally. 

The good news is that help is available and the first step is figuring out what's wrong.

If you're here because you think that you may be suffering from a sleep disorder, the self-administered test below can give you an indication of whether you may have a problem that needs further investigation.

This quiz is not a substitute for getting professional counsel from a health care provider. For an accurate, professional diagnosis of any sleep disorder, including insomnia, you need to be evaluated by a physician who will administer his or her own tests and screenings.

Your doctor will typically ask you about your sleep habits and issues. He or she may request that you maintain a sleep diary for a few weeks, as well. As part of the evaluation, you can also expect to have a physical exam so your doctor can look for signs of other health issues that may be causing your insomnia.

If you have signs of another sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome, you may need to have a sleep test performed, which requires an overnight stay in a testing facility. While you sleep, body activities are monitored, including your brain waves, breathing patterns, heart rate, eye movements and body movements.

About Your Self-Administered Test

Begin by choosing your answer from the drop-down boxes. Then, add up the number of "Yes" answers you have. See scoring information located below. If you think you have insomnia or any sleep disorder, consult your doctor right away.

Insomnia Test

What Your Answers May Indicate

If you answered "Yes" to any of the first three questions, insomnia is likely. If you answered "Yes" to three or more other questions, insomnia may be a possibility.

In both these cases, it's important to make an appointment with your doctor so that you can get a definitive diagnosis and discuss the treatment options available.

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