Waterbed Mattress Buying Tips

How to Choose the Best Waterbed Mattress for Your Needs

Waterbeds are recognized for providing relaxation, support, and comfort during sleep. A waterbed mattress may be filled with water, or a combination of air and water, and shapes to the body while helping to relieve pressure on joints and other body parts.

Waterbeds are known to provide relief at night to back pain sufferers. In addition, people with allergies find waterbeds beneficial because dust mites, dead skin particles, and other allergens cannot be trapped in vinyl as they can be with fabric-covered mattresses.

Types of Waterbed Mattresses

A hard-sided mattress is what many people think of when they consider a waterbed. These mattresses have support on the bottom and all four sides. These vinyl mattresses were perfected in the late 1960s, making waterbeds a popular choice for sleepers in the 1970s and 1980s.

This type of waterbed mattress requires a sturdy frame. These beds frequently take up more room than a regular bed, but make up for that by offering drawer storage space beneath the bed and sometimes within the headboard.

However, a hard-sided mattress is no longer the only choice when considering a waterbed purchase. Today's soft-sided mattresses have sturdy sides and can stand alone. This mattress does not require a special frame or box in order to maintain its shape.

A soft-sided mattress is a good choice for someone who does not want a bulky bed frame. In fact, the bed frame you already use might work well with this type of mattress, as these mattresses are designed fit regular bed frames.

Mattress Interior Design

The way a mattress is made on the inside also makes a big difference in the way it feels. A free flow mattress is one that holds water in one single chamber, like filling a balloon with water.

This type of mattress can ripple and the water can conduct motion from one side of the bed to the other. Most of the early waterbeds, and many inexpensive mattresses, are made in this manner.

To combat the waves, some manufacturers add water or air chambers to the mattress. These mattresses are generally more expensive.

Other Considerations - The Disadvantages

Before you make your purchase, you should be aware of these issues:

  • Waterbeds can be costly, particularly since electricity is needed to heat the mattress. Soft-sided waterbeds cost less to heat than a hard-sided waterbed.
  • Bed sheets may be difficult to find for odd-sized mattresses.
  • Moving a waterbed can be difficult. The water must first be drained from the mattress before the bed can be moved. Then it must be filled back up again.
  • Waterbeds may leak. While they are easily repaired, having to sleep elsewhere until the mattress is patched could be inconvenient.
  • Some apartments or other rental dwellings do not allow waterbeds. Check your documents prior to purchase.
  • Waterbeds can weigh a lot, and the flooring in older homes may not support the weight.

Making Your Purchase

Once you have decided to purchase a waterbed, you should measure the room to be sure your new bed will fit. This is particularly important if you plan to buy a frame for the waterbed.

The waterbed you purchase should feel comfortable to you. Firmness and support are as important in a waterbed mattress as they are in a standard mattress.

Waterbeds must be heated in order for the sleeper to feel comfortable. The water is heated with a thermostat that has a temperature controller.

You should also look at the warranty on the waterbed before making your purchase deicison. While many vinyl mattresses can be repaired with a vinyl repair kit should they tear, be sure you have a warranty available if other issues, such as faulty temperature controls, should become apparent.

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